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Dear friends,

          At the very first place I want to begin by illustrating a song from a kannada movie, “Prapancha ee prapancha, Rangamancha idu rangamancha, Banni haadona, patra madona, ella patranoo preeti madona!”
Yes! This world is indeed a stage and we all are just mere characters wherein the almighty, the Supreme Being is the director of the world. This also reminds me of Sir William Shakespeare’s most famous work “all worlds are a stage”. The stage thus being a metaphor to the world does act like a mirror to the society. The exact reflections of all the happenings in the society can be wonderfully witnessed on the Rangabhoomi.

          Every single human is born with certain talents. There are thus people with abundant potential in the craft of acting as well. Of course each person’s likes and passions vary. But having said that, when we speak of acting the purest and most efficient form of the same is THEATER. Similar to how every building needs a foundation; an actor also needs that prominent base in the form of theater work. An actor indulged into the world of theater is always capable of performing in distinct languages, dialects, shades and emotions. Even today most of the film personalities are the results of theater and this is the best testimony to the above. In fact many film actors have turned again towards theater after their successful careers in films and this elucidates the impact and power of theater. In the arena of theater, there is absolutely no concept called retake! Be it pages together of dialogues or monologues, all happens in a single shot. What we get ultimately is a mammoth creative satisfaction. I say, artists get better and better in all elements of the art called acting and moreover there is absolutely no parameter to evaluate the kind of appreciations and feedback you would receive in the end of your performance from the live audience! It’s just unfathomable! But the response from the audience need not be positive all the time. Remember, everyday is not Sunday.

          Nevertheless, the only one space where an artist has direct relation and vis-a-vis communication opportunity with the audience is theater. Audience is one such mass of people with an array of talents and views who are major moulders of an artist’s drudge. This was all about the fantasy of theater arts! One such epitome of theater is the young and juvenile shubharambha originating from Bangalore – the silicon city.Shubharambha theater troop is the dream child of Mr.Sudheendra S Deshpande and I have had a work experience since more than 15 years in the field of media, mass communication, public relation, journalism and so on. Shubharambha Ranga Tanda, with an objective to strike at social awareness along with exquisite drama made its debut into this world with a power-pack play titled “Hushar sir! Husar madam!” written and directed by me on the day of September 2nd 2016 in Nayana Rangamandira, Bangalore. Shubharambha’s auspicious ushering happened with these baby steps!

          I believe there are 3 reasons for the establishment of Shubharambha Ranga Tanda. The first one being to learn and dedicate a part of us to the world of theater. Henceforth all aspiring artists are given a tremendous opportunity to use their talents and hit the hearts of people all over not only karnataka but India and of course why not the whole world!

          Secondly, the mission is to target certain social ailments and disseminate impactful awareness amid the audience. Examples being dowry, child labor, and chit funds’ scam, sedition against state or nation, Kannada language are fading value, adulteration, eye-donation, women empowerment, corruption, dirty politics and nimiety of other social disputes. But wait, these elements are surely conveyed but only with an impeccable ingredient called humor!

          Thirdly and most importantly Shubharambha Ranga Tanda believes deeply in the concept of “service to mankind is service to god”. Meaning, all the fund that is or will be generated after the accomplishment of any project by the tickets sold will see a considerable part of it being donated with whole heart and unconditional intentions to targeted parts of the society like old-age homes, orphanages, blind schools, animal welfare organizations, NGOs, NPOs and so on.
So dear friends, now you know a lot about our Shubharambha Ranga Tanda family indeed.

          So do you think there is an actor dwelling in you as well? Are you very passionate about theater arts? Are you just looking out for a much deserving chance? Do you think you have the x-factor to make it big in the field of theater? Do you wish to serve awareness to society through your talent?
Then what are you waiting for?

          It is said “a mirror always reflects what it takes promptly”. Similarly, do you also crave to give back the society all that you have adsorbed from it? If your answer is a YES to all the above questions then move ahead and be an exemplary to other social beings. You are always welcome to this wonderful family of SHUBHARAMBHA. VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM !